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Quality of the project team and cooperation arrangements

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One person from the Pedreguer City Council is going to be the manager of the project. He/she is going to supervise all the activities that are expected to take place during the implementation of the project in order to make sure that everything is going as planned. He/she will also coordinate the project management board, which is formed by a representative of each partner. All of them will communicate in English.


The manager will also be the Trustee of the funds of the project and will be responsible for managing and distributing the budget. The manager will be supported by a group of technical assistants of the City Council team expertise in project management and communication. The representatives of the Italian and Portuguese associations on the board, who have experience in project management, will support the manager in different tasks.


One person from each organization is going to be responsible for the activity that is going to take place in his/her city. They will work together with the manager of the project and they will be able to reach him/her anytime. They will also be the contact between the City Council of Pedreguer (which will centralize the communication of the project (creation of a website) and the monitoring) with those responsible for the communication and the beneficiaries of each partner.


Among the group of beneficiaries, four levels must be distinguished. The coaches will play an important role in the training and dissemination towards their players, as well as dissemination towards students and young people in their municipalities. They will use English as a vehicular language with the rest of the participating coaches and players.


The future coaches will participate especially in those actions aimed at capacity building, which will be taught in English. They will also participate in dissemination actions.


The players will participate, on a rotating basis, in training and dissemination actions (in the latter those who speak English), as well as in sports exhibitions.


University students, schoolchildren and young people from the localities in which the project is carried out will benefit from dissemination actions and awareness rising.



Cooperation arrangements

The consortium consists of a club and two sports associations, as well as the basketball team of a university. They are responsible for providing the first group of beneficiaries (coaches, future coaches and players) and to organize sports promotion actions. In the case of the associations and the university, with experience in organizing forums and events, they assume the organization of awareness and training actions and, together with the City Council of Pedreguer, convene the second level of beneficiaries (students and local youth who will participate in awareness actions).


The University of Ionu has been included in the consortium in order to provide knowledge and methodological basis to the network of partners, substantiating the activities of the project and at the same time contributing to the partnership with studies and information on which to base future projects, giving sustainability to the network formed. Its teaching and research work is a reference in the field, in the same way that his team can participate in the organized activities. The selection of a Turkish entity responds to the interest of the consortium to include a country where an important debate is taking place on the role of women in the Society, contributing to the discussion with the Sports approach.


In the case of the City Council of Pedreguer, it assumes the role of coordinator while participating hand in hand with the Basketball Club, providing a collaboration experience club-municipality-local actors that must become a reference for the rest of the partners. That is why local public authorities are invited to participate in different events. This experience is unique in European locations of small size, so the replicability of the project can be very large.


The Club Basket Pedreguer is the most important basketball club of the city of Pedreguer. It stands out for the quality of its female players. A big percentage of the regional team is occupied by these players, which is an incredible fact if you take into account the size of the city.


Moreover, the City Council of Pedreguer has formed an expertise team in project management that will support the implementation of the activities. Likewise, the partners with more experience in European project management (the two associations) will also support the coordinator in this task.


The project also includes four groups of external trainers/disseminators (with the exception of the University, where the Professors are their own staff) who are external experts that will provide excellence to the project.


The participation of the Committee of Italian Sports is very relevant in order to manage a wider dissemination of the project.