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Impact and dissemination

The project is aimed at a total of 45 players, coaches and future coaches of the four basketball teams that are part of the project (first level of beneficiaries), as well as students and young people from the municipalities of Pedreguer, Carvalhais, Margherita di Savoia and Malatya participating in awareness and dissemination actions (one university and 7 schools, apart from the population attending leisure-cultural activities). The expected results are the training and sensitization of the aforementioned beneficiaries at different levels, and as a consequence, the increase in the participation of young women in sports activities linked to basketball in particular and other sports in general.


To measure the progresses in the achievement of results, the work plan that has begun to be designed includes quantitative indicators (number of participants in the activities) and qualitative indicators (level of learning and awareness) that will be evaluated by the project management board through attendance lists and questionnaires. An expertise in sport of each partner, coordinated by an expert from the University of Inonu, will assess the qualitative improvements achieved.


The impact potential of the project is considered high, since it is established that each partner must replicate internal awareness actions, extending the scope of the project to other clubs and associations. In addition, the potential impact of awareness actions aimed at the local population is equally great.


But the main value of the project is the ability to replicate it once the grant is completed, since it is equipped with an easily transferable methodology and with a model of collaboration between the club and the city council that can be replicated elsewhere in the European Union. The project establishes mechanisms to make it possible, given that it promotes collaboration between project mayors and between these and others who will be invited to certain activities.


Likewise, mechanisms are established to give sustainability to the network constituted and to certain actions once the project ends (preparation of new project proposals, empowerment on the part of the beneficiaries...).


In addition, a meeting with the Committee of Italian Sports has been organized to promote the replicability of certain components of the project in that country.





The consortium has designed a communication and dissemination plan focusing on four areas: a) general communication of the project through press calls, creation of a project website, impact on social networks of partners and contacts with relevant stakeholders (networks of basketball clubs, local and regional youth councils, sports networks...); b) dissemination of pedagogical work, mainly through networks of municipalities of which Pedreguer is a member and networks of universities through Inonu University; c) dissemination of the methodology, model and results through networks of sports entities and networks of municipalities: d)dissemination of results in actions aimed at young people combined with awareness-raising activities.


In the same way, the project will design a sustainability plan to achieve impact at the end of the European subsidy. To do this, a group of experts will present different European funding lines and will train the consortium in the formulation of projects beyond this call of proposals. Likewise, certain activities establish formulas for the empowerment of the beneficiaries of certain project components. Finally, public actors are involved in the project, so that they can give continuity to certain actions by including them in their municipal plans and budgets.


The materials elaborated for the Project, mainly those produced in the training sessions, will be made available to anyone interested in the website. Similarly, the administrative monitoring documents of the project can be consulted by the partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries when they consider it appropriate.