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Meeting 3. PORTUGAL/ September 2019

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The third meeting of the European Project “EPIC Basket” took place on the 19th and 20th September, in Carvalhais, in the municipality

of Mirandela.

The programme of the meeting included, besides the technical meetings, a visit to the Parish Council of Carvalhais, to the Vocational School of Agriculture of Carvalhais, a conference on “feminine participation in sports and equality of gender” and a basketball training with all the female basketball athletes of the Mirandela Sport Club. The training was directed by the italian coach/trainer Claúdio Centrone and by the ex-international and current portuguese basketball trainer of Mirandela Sport Club, Paulo Diamantino.
The European Project “EPIC Basket” is a strategic partnership led by the spanish municipality of Pedreguer and has the following partners: the portuguese Sports, Cultural and Social Association of Carvalhais; the spanish Basket Club Pedreguer; the turkish University of Inonu and the italian Sports Association Margherita Sport and Vita.
The main goal of the project is to reach the inclusion and the equality of opportunities through an international cooperation in feminine basketball.

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